About our sizing

Our clothing generally ranges from sizes 8-22 however there are some items that cover sizes 6 and 24. Most of our items are a free size, this means one size. 

The items are being modelled by Alison who is a size 10/12 and 5’4 in height and Gemma who is a size 18 and 5’8 in height. 

We describe every item with our recommended sizing however we are all different shapes and sizes so these are just a guide. 

Any item that fits both Ali and Gemma will have a ‘fits Curvee to’ badge at the top of the product photo modelled by Ali.

When in store any items you see with a grey cube on the hanger indicates items suited for our Curvee range ( size range 16-22)

Please contact us on our social media pages (Facebook & Instagram) or via the ‘contact us’ link on our homepage if you have any questions. 

Happy shopping! 

Gemma x