About Penny’s Boutique

Our Nan,

Our shop, our comfort, and somewhere we can indulge our love of clothes and feel close to our Nan.

The Story...

a younger and older hand holding each other tenderly

Our Nan, Penny. In September 2018 she was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour. “Surely not?” we thought. “How?” It had only started as a headache…Our lives were turned upside down in a second.

Our Nan, our inspiration. Our second mum.

In the days and weeks that had passed we decided we wanted to create something in Nan’s memory. Something that will forever live on, something Nan would be proud of. So, with our love of clothes, bags, shoes, our love of style (and not forgetting the shopping!) a boutique fitted the part perfectly.

Fortunately, in the moments when Nan was more mobile and observant during her treatment, she was able to see the shop; the name, colours and style. She even input a few of her own ideas. She asked us every day how the shop was coming along!

Forever our Nan, forever our inspiration. Forever Penny’s Boutique.

We hope you like it!

Gemma & Ellisha ( March 2019)

In May 2023 Ellisha decided to step away from Penny’s Boutique and move on to pastures new. Penny’s is solely owned by myself Gemma and run by myself and my mum Louise.